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あなたはそこに / You are there

Inspired by the poem “You are there” by Shuntaro Tanikawa

In this poem (You are there), Shuntaro Tanikawa writes: «There is no farewell for those who have really met». And I like to think that this is what happened to me and Valeria: we are on a neverending journey, together.

There is no farewell for those who have really met
You are still there
Stare at me, stare at me, talk to me time and time again
My memories with you save me
Save me even though your death is too soon
It has been a long time since I saw you last

1. Introduction
You are
At my side
I am
At your side

Surrounded by flowers
Bitten by the people
Bitten by the stars
I am
At your side
You are
At my side

2. To you, who are not here now
You are not here now
But you are
Even though you do not see
Protected all the same
Dreaming all the same
You are the same
Because I want to talk to you
I am afraid I can’t do this
I am happy I can overcome words

3. Just live
You only learn when you cannot bear
The complexity of standing on your feet
The beauty of standing on your feet
The sweetness of gravity
You only learn when you notice
The weight of a step, the joy of a step
The warmth of the hands sustaining me
The serenity of knowing you are not alone
Alone on your feet
On the stars of my hometown
I am only walking in the sun
I only live today
A life
With people, birds, and animals
Plants and stars
Breath-taking and long-lived
And life is humbled
By that gratitude

4. Offer
Human words are
An offer to what must not be named
Words are always frustrating before dusk
The language of a land
Is a gift to another land
Love takes roots in new linguistic seeds
My words are
An offer to you
May the smell and the taste be appropriate
And the words of poetry are
An offer to the endless universe and to close-minded people
Pain, joy, memories, and hope

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