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On the other side of the glass

On the other side of the glass: a new chapter of the project created by La Baracca in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna, to reintroduce theatre into the educational services while respecting the Covid-19 emergency restrictions.
From March to May 2021, the performances “The elephant and the dancer” and “Fragments of Frames” were presented to as many as 81 classes in the city’s crèches and kindergartens.
The performances of On the other side of the glass were presented on the other side of a glass door: surprised, the children inside could decide to either watch what was happening outside or continue with their games and activities.
A piece of artistic research on the children as (aware or unaware) spectators: what do children from 1 to 6 feel and perceive when they are involved in an artistic relationship in a completely unexpected way?
After “The elephant and the dancer”, in 2022 we will create a new dance performance with elements of clowning.
As from March, it will be presented in 10 educational services (crèches and kindergartens).
In the frame of Visioni 2022, the project will be shared with the artists and professionals attending the festival.

The conference On this and the other side of the glass held in May 2021, along with shorts videos documenting The elephant and the dancer and Fragments of Frames are available on Visionifestival.it.

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