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On this and the other side of the glass

Seminar promoted by Lo sguardo altrove – the Festival observatory

The seminar will present and analyse the project “On the other side of the glass”, created in the framework of the protocol “ZeroThreeSix… Theatre” subscribed with the Education and New Generations Area of the Municipality of Bologna following the Covid restrictions.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna, and it brings two performances “on the other side of the glass” to many of the Municipality’s educational services: The elephant and the dancer (a dance performance with elements of clowning) and Fragments of Frames (from the show Frames).

The performances are presented while the children are inside the school’s premises; in particular, where a glass door or window can be found.

If the performance succeeds in drawing their attention, the children will watch it, otherwise they will continue with their current games and activities.

The performance always came as a surprise to the children, and for us, it was interesting research work about what children can feel and perceive when they are unexpectedly involved in an artistic relationship.

The project is thoroughly documented, and it gives us a deeper insight on how little boys and girls – even the youngest ones – actually decide if and how to take part in the artistic proposal.

Starting from the photo and video documentation of the experience lived in the educational services of the Municipality of Bologna before the Festival, “Lo sguardo altrove” will collect thoughts and reflections of educators, teachers, pedagogues, researchers and artists.

A 90-minute webinar with images and documents, coordinated by Marina Manferrari, supervisor of “Lo sguardo altrove”.

The seminar will be held in Italian.

with the patronage of
logo Grupppo Nidi e Infanzia-03
coordinated by
Marina Manferrari, supervisor of Lo sguardo altrove
Teresa Di Camillo, supervisor of the 0-6 Services Area of the Municipality of Bologna
Claudia Morisi and Filippo Bianchi, pedagogues of the Municipality of Bologna
Alba di Silverio and Elisabetta Martinelli, educators in crèches of the Municipality of Bologna
Enrichetta Sassi, teacher in a preschool of the Municipality of Bologna
Lucia Balduzzi, professor of Special Didactics and Pedagogy, University of Bologna
Anna Paola Corradi, pedagogue, Associazione culturale Tapirulan
Andra Mihaela Burcă and Andrea Aristidi, performers, La Baracca/Testoni Ragazzi