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Durata 60 min
Recommended content for ages dai 3 ai 6 anni

Art, home deliveries: Into the Blue

Artebambini - Bologna - Italy

Saturday 8 May at 11:00 – Sunday 9 May at 16:00

In this workshop, we will be discovering more about a colour that has travelled across time and space: it has inspired moods, artists, and architectures all around the world. From our homes, we will be finding out more about the blue that appears in our pictures, toys, drawers, memories.
Arts are not static concepts and cannot be confined in museums: everyone can experience them and discover the unusual, provocative and bold message they have conveyed over the centuries. We believe that art is a “good educational practice”, so we have tried to make it fluid, permeable and light. These are difficult times, and we are still not sure when the doors of culture will be reopened, so while we wait, why don’t we try to reverse the motion of culture? Hasn’t art often broken the rules?
The project “Art: Home Deliveries” delivers families time they can spend with an artist, a special movement, a topic to explore with curiosity and through the use of multiple languages.
We will meet in the sitting room or in the kitchen: culture can move and will be delivered to your home, in the form of a workshop where children can experience play and beauty.
We will be telling stories, make creative things, chat, have our afternoon snack: we will make art familiar, something simple and yet poetic, deep yet light, beautiful and attainable.

The workshop will be held in Italian.

Workshop online: €10

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Irene Ferraresi
art and education expert