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Compañera de l’alma

from Elegia a Ramón Sijé by Miguel Hernández

Valeria and I shared a lot of special moments: workshops, shows, ideas, dreams, and above all, moments of life. On many occasions, I have thought that our meeting was itself a work of art, that generated a sense of belonging and familiarity. I dedicate this fragment of dance to Mi compañera del alma, as a memory of our meeting.


In all its forms, art can act as a channel, or an open door.
Valeria didn’t set limits, either in front of the children or about our offering for the professionals who attended Visioni in the past (and we hope they will continue to do so). Everything can be put on stage, all you need is a clear dramaturgy and an interesting challenge.
But this is probably easier said than done.
We would like to propose an ambitious challenge that we would have with no doubt handed over to Valeria, and that will be carried out instead by some of her fellow artists, imagining that she is right in front of them.
So, we thought we could bring poetry and children together: I (the artist) will tell you a poem with my art; it doesn’t matter that you (child or grown-up) hear me recite it, what matters is that you “see” it and share it with me, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and connection.
We think poetry suits the challenge, even with the youngest ones. Because poetry likes to slip from our understanding, but it sometimes can be captured in art, in all its forms.
Six poems, six special moments interpreted by national and international artists through dance, voice, images, music…

Omar Meza, Da.Te. Danza - Spain