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Narrating bodies

Beyond words, a global communication. Letting ourselves be surprised by our narrating bodies

The project is a collaboration between La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi and Fondazione Gualandi (Bologna).
A series of online meetings for teachers and educators about the relationship between art and education.
Four episodes, each of them about a specific topic, to share reflections and experiences: interviews, dialogues with children from crèches and kindergartens and other features on the subject.
We will let thoughts run free, to leave suggestions, doubts and questions, to collect experiences and stories, with titles that could be suggestions themselves, starting from the one we gave the first episode and that actually named the series: Unique pieces… How to approach children in their uniqueness.

in collaboration with
A collaboration between La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi and Fondazione Gualandi
Beatrice Vitali, Dario Cané and Roberto Frabetti
drawing hands and editing by
Manuel Baglieri
interviews with
Clara Woods
Silvia Traversi
Omar Meza
Simone Pierini
Dario Canè
with contributions by
Silvana Sola (Libreria Giannino Stoppani, Bologna)
Andra Burca and Andrea Aristidi (La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi)
Famiglia Woods (Carlo, Betina, Clara and Davi)
Talijanska by Balkan Balagan, Wild runner by Paolo Orecchia
footage of children playing at
Preschool “Al Cinema”
Crèche “Il cavallino a dondolo”
Educational services of Fondazione Gualandi Bologna