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Fragments of Frames

La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi - Bologna - Italy

The two actresses perform a short theatrical action of about 10-15 minutes, during which they evoke different daily-life situations using the stage objects and design. The performance is part of the production process that brought to the creation of the new show by La Baracca: Frames. Memories in three acts


Both at home and at school, children – especially the youngest ones – often look through a glass door or window.
They are curious, sometimes they can’t wait to go outside, to explore and experience new things and feelings. The garden is a safe place where they can discover by playing, where they can always find something new – and sometimes someone new.
A flower, a cat, a show… Wait, what? A show in garden?
Today, children can’t come to the theatre, so we brought it to them.
In the framework of the project
On the other side of the glass, created in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna, for several days we presented two performances in the garden or in an open space facing the glass doors or windows of a crèche or kindergarten: The elephant and the dancer (a dance performance with elements of clowning) and Fragments of Frames (from the show Frames).
A research on what children can feel and perceive when they find themselves suddenly, ” accidentally ” involved in an artistic relationship, that they enter without any introductory ritual and that they leave in a suspended dimension.

Andrea Buzzetti
Giada Ciccolini e Sara Lanzi