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Being a 2-year-old spectator – The very young child, the many ages between 0 and 4

Children from 0 to 3 and the stages of their development.

The seminar Being a 2-year-old spectator is organized during Visioni 2021asa part of the activities of the European project Mapping. A map of the aesthetics of performing arts for early years. It is realized in collaboration with Small size Network.

Being a 2-year-old spectator is structured in four Zoom meetings on four specific topics related to the wider theme of the relationship between performing arts and early years.
In order to about the relationship between performing arts and early years, in particular, and on early years in general.
Being a 2-year-old spectator is not a seminar for experts in “how to do performing Arts for Early Years”, but for those who, loving performing arts for children, use to observe the young child as a participant in a cultural process in order to set a possible artistic relationship. 
Stories of experiences, thoughts on what an ethical view of childhood is, artistic thoughts dedicated to children, observations on what is happening in this field and what is regrettable that it is not happening, structured concepts and metaphors…
To broaden the discussion on Early Years, overcome stereotypes, in an atmosphere that we would like to be very informal, where free thoughts can flow and new suggestions on how to go on reflecting.

The seminar will be held in English with simultaneous interpretation to Italian.

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in collaboration with
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Greetings from
Katariina Metsälampi, President of Small size network (Finland)
Maria Giulia Campioli, Teatro al Quadrato - ASSITEJ Italia CE (Italy)
Sue Giles, President of ASSITEJ International (Australia)
Barbara Malecka, Art Fraction Foundation/Animation Theatre/Small size Network (Poland)
Marina Manferrari, Lo sguardo altrove/Festival Visioni (Italy)
Yannick Boudeau, Compagnie de la Casquette (Belgium)