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Durata 5 min
Recommended content for ages 1+

An elephant was rocking… 2

La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi - Bologna - Italy

The little blue she-elephant

Enrico the yellow elephant was small, very small.
Small and rocking.
He had his swing… And then there was Mara, the little blue she-elephant.
How she rocked!
Enrico and Mara, yellow and blue, started to rock together.


We were dreaming of creating a series of short, animated stories for children from 1 to 3. With An elephant was rocking…, we are presenting the first three pilot episodes.
The animated drawings by Enrico Montalbani and the texts by Roberto Frabetti revolve around the stories of many elephants and colours, swinging and rocking everywhere… singing that beautiful nursery rhyme “Un elefante si dondolava…/ An elephant was rocking…”. They swing and rock everywhere: on a swing, on a see-saw, on a pendulum clock, on a bed sheet drying in the wind…
Boy, how they rock!

Written by
Roberto Frabetti
Illustrations by
Enrico Montalbani
Narrating voice by
Clara Montalbani