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Durata 10 min
Recommended content for ages dai 3 ai 6 anni

Marco Polo’s incredible journey between Bari and Bologna – Episode 3

Compagnia del Sole - Bari - Italy

No excuses, I am leaving today.
Bologna is waiting for me…
And while I travel, Marco’s story travels with me… And it gets weirder and weirder.


To travel and reach faraway places thanks to theatre is perhaps what drives us to look for new routes, even when it seems impossible.
Bologna is a city at the heart of Italy, and it is not so difficult to reach: there’s an airport, a train station, a bus station… Many roads can take you there.
But travelling is not easy this year and even the straightest of roads can seem endless.
In spite of everything, Visioni is about to start and our guests need to start their journey… A long journey, like the one Marco Polo started in Venice all the way to China, where he received by the royal court of Kublai Khan. He travelled through Asia and his journey lasted almost 4 years. Similarly, Flavio Albanese will start his journey from Bari and he will be trying to reach Bologna in 4 legs/episodes, telling some of Marco Polo’s adventures, so time will pass more quickly.
Big stories for little children, from 3 to 6 years, for all those who want to follow Marco’s and Flavio’s parallel adventures. When will they get to their destination?
And will their journey be real or just a very vivid dream?

based on a show by
Flavio Albanese
adaptation by
Bruno Frabetti e Roberto Frabetti
Flavio Albanese