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Durata 45 min
Recommended content for ages 4+
National Première
available from Monday May 10 to Saturday June 12


ABC - Allegra Brigata Cinematica - Bergamo - Italy

We are born in an endless embrace. A soft, warm and reassuring circle. There were only the two
of us. Suspended.
An invisible thread will connect us forever. Even though we wanted to – even though we had to – be apart
to go into the world. To challenge the void and the unknown, change our skin, change our clothes, become
different every day, grow up, grow up even more and then suddenly be small again.
The thread will remain in the distance, everywhere.
At the beginning, the two characters are in a state of fusion: they are one. Then a physical and symbolic distance follows: growing up together is like dancing amongst similarities and progressive changes. Until we get to a point where the detachment is final. Each of them will have to deal with the void left by the other. In a word, we need to grow up.
Link is a show that combines theatre and dance.

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Live show

  • 10 Mon


Teatro Testoni Ragazzi - La Baracca

Via Giacomo Matteotti, 16, 40129 Bologna BO
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A Festival Danza Estate co-production
With the support of TRAC_Centro di residenza teatrale pugliese/ tutoraggio Giorgio Testa
concept by
Serena Marossi and Luca Citron
Angelo Facchetti (Teatro Telaio) and Samanta Cinquini
dance and choreography
Alessandro Nosotti and Serena Marossi