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The last wish

Inspired by a passage of the poem “The moonlight sonata” by Ghiannis Ritsos

To those who teach the art of giving,
To those who build dreams and turn them into gifts,
To those we meet and stay with us forever.
To Valeria.

And in fact more than a few times I’ve discovered there, in the depths of drowning,
coral and pearls and treasures of shipwrecked vessels,
unexpected encounters, past, present, and yet to come,
a confirmation almost of eternity,
a certain respite, a certain smile of immortality, as they say,
a happiness, an intoxication, inspiration even,
coral and pearls and sapphires;
only I don’t know how to give them – no, I do give them;
only I don’t know if they can take them – but still, I give them.
Let me come with you.

Live show

  • 24 Sun


Teatro Testoni Ragazzi - La Baracca

Via Giacomo Matteotti, 16, 40129 Bologna BO
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Renata Coluccini
Teatro del Buratto (Milano)