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Roberto Frabetti / Unique Pieces

Everyone is different from anyone else, each lighthouse has its own light… You might have been told that the lighthouses were there to light up the sea; don’t believe it, they are there to tell sailors “where they are” or “who they are”. (Eric Tabarly)

In many years of theatre, children and young people have been my teachers: it is thanks to them that I have learned how to do my “job”. I have always stood in front of them trying to respond to their sensibility, constantly observing them, while I was on stage or during workshops, because they are an inexhaustible source of information and suggestions. We need to be ready to follow the traces they leave for us, always and stubbornly seeking to detect and bring to the surface what they already have inside of them. This workshop is about the uniqueness of the expressive potential of every single boy and girl, as well as the one of each and every one of us.

Live show

  • 24 Sun


Teatro Testoni Ragazzi - La Baracca

Via Giacomo Matteotti, 16, 40129 Bologna BO
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Roberto Frabetti
actor and director, La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi