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Following the stars

Inspired by the Apache song “Stars in the sky”

“I never had a fairy costume. I used to wear a Native American headdress and red pointe shoes. Those were my favourite.” This is Valeria, when she was just a little girl.
In 1986, in Bologna, our paths and destinies crossed at La Baracca.
And while we were growing up into adults, the tribe of very young kids joined us.
Day after day, we danced wild dances and told wild stories, discovering and exploring new worlds, beyond early years. And we are still doing it, following the stars.

Guardale mentre sorgono sopra la linea d’ incontro tra cielo e terra.
Nella vostra ascesa, o Stelle, fateci da guida, siateci maestre:
insegnateci a essere, come voi, unite.

Live show

  • 27 Wed


Teatro Testoni Ragazzi - La Baracca

Via Giacomo Matteotti, 16, 40129 Bologna BO
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Giovanni Boccomino e Luciano Cendou
La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi