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Durata 50 min
Recommended content for ages 3+
video available from October 23 to November 3

SPEGNI LA LUCE! / Turn off the light!

La Piccionaia Centro di Produzione Teatrale - Vicenza - Italy

What is darkness made of? What does it taste like? What is inside of it? What darks do you know? And what about the dark dark?
The show is the outcome of a theatre research with children and their parents on the fear of the dark, through a series of workshops and theatre residences.
Aurora and Julio play with thoughts and emotions that are very close to the everyday world of children, making their stories the centre of the show. Through an animistic and magical mindset that is typical of preschool children- everything is real and alive, possible and credible. The two friends/siblings turn a scary situation into a special moment where everything is transformed.

Live show

  • 26 Tue
  • 27 Wed


Teatro Testoni Ragazzi - La Baracca

Via Giacomo Matteotti, 16, 40129 Bologna BO
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Aurora Candelli
Aurora Candelli, Julio Escamilla
dramaturgy consultant
Marta Dalla Via
movement consultant
Valentina Dal Mas