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Sounds like this…

La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi

Hi, my name is Bruno. You have already met my friends… But not my ear!
My ear is full of sounds, big and small, low and loud, but also of new sounds, sounds to be explored, like this one…


Videos for children and parents created during the process A story is about to be born.

A surreal conversation among children in crèches, their educators and the cast of Frames, memories in three acts – a show that is about to be born.
An online meeting, while we wait to meet again.
This “experiment” is part of Mapping’s artistic research project. The children will be presented a story, a short artistic moment, and it will be the perfect occasion to bring theatre to them even if its doors are closed, showing them that it is a place where creativity does not stop.
The easiest and more “transparent” way to invite these children to the theatre is letting them explore the “behind the scenes” of a show we are creating for them, so when we will actually meet in person, they will find familiar faces.

Bruno Frabetti
Andrea Buzzetti
Giada Ciccolini
Sara Lanzi