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Un pollito/A chick


A story from Cuba

This is the story of a new-born chick.
An egg rolled out the nest, and it rolled and rolled until the eggshell broke and a small beak came out, then a little yellow head, two wings and a two little feet. The chick that started to walk across the island of Cuba, looking for its identity…


There are children and grown-ups who, in their sleep, speak unknown languages, but there are as many who speak or understand one, two or sometimes three languages since their early years. There are also scientific studies claiming that newborns are able to recognise languages and that they cry with different accents.
There are also children and, sometimes, grown-ups who only speak one language but love to invent their own and play with sounds. So, we have decided to bring you 5 stories from around the world, told in original language.
Spanish, Danish, Turkish and German, without subtitles. If you are interested in understanding the words, you will find a transcript next to the video of the story. It could be an extra element, but it might not be necessary to enjoy the story.

Luis Rafael
Asdrúbal Ortiz Martínez and Víctor Darío Ortiz Borges
directed by
Irene Borges Lara