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Communicating vessels #2

Transgenerational fluxes from early years to adolescence (1st part)

So far apart but surprisingly close, early years and adolescence have so many aspects in common, which are only revealed when looked at with the unbiased, wide eyes of curiosity. For TYA professionals, these age groups are opposite destinations of a journey that touches all the in-between ages: an ever-evolving universe where boys and girls live, each with their own cultural identity.
The speakers come from different areas of the world and will have different backgrounds. They are artists, scientists, researchers, scholars in different disciplines, and they will tell us about their own vision.

The webinar is in English with simultaneous translation into Italian for those who will attend it on zoom (link below for subscribing). Here on the platform the live version will be in English only, but subtitles both in English and Italian will be uploaded in the following days.

In collaborazione con Segni d'Infanzia e Reazione a Catena
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Rui Pina Coelho, theatre critic (Portugal)
Marco Giliberti, researcher in Didactics of Physics - University of Milan (Italy)
Anna Riley-Shepard, neuroscientist and dancer (Netherlands)
Andreas Denk, choreographer and dancer, Plan-d company (Netherlands)
Lalya Raña, Compañía Aranwa (Chile)