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Near and far…

La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi

Hi, my name is Sara and I like to observe.
With my eyes, I see my friends doing weird things, and sometimes I can see invisible things…


Videos for children and parents created during the process A story is about to be born.

A surreal conversation among children in crèches, their educators and the cast of Frames, memories in three acts – a show that is about to be born.
An online meeting, while we wait to meet again.
This “experiment” is part of Mapping’s artistic research project. The children will be presented a story, a short artistic moment, and it will be the perfect occasion to bring theatre to them even if its doors are closed, showing them that it is a place where creativity does not stop.
The easiest and more “transparent” way to invite these children to the theatre is letting them explore the “behind the scenes” of a show we are creating for them, so when we will actually meet in person, they will find familiar faces.

Sara Lanzi
Andrea Buzzetti
Giada Ciccolini
Bruno Frabetti